The Course

The Golfing Hole Swindon houses an 18 hole adventure/crazy golf course, put your short game skills to test on the factory themed holes. Each hole has an easy or hard route, which will you choose?

Playing at The Golfing Hole Swindon will be a great new golfing experience you will have never had before.

The Golfing Hole is a brilliant venue, full of unique obstacles and structures for you to enjoy.

Each hole has been created to suit people of all ages and abilities and should test the skills of even the most seasoned golf pro!

Course Rules

  • All children under 12 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times

  • Guardians who are not parents must be persons of at least 16 years of age

  • Unsupervised minors and intoxicated persons will not be granted entry to the venue

  • Non playing parents/guardians may enter the venue at no charge to supervise children

  • Please do not climb/touch the displays
  • Please be aware of the uneven surfaces when playing

  • Please take extra care when playing the dark room

  • Any unruly, aggressive or intimidating behaviour may lead to eviction from the venue without refund

  • No food or drink items can be brought onto the premises and consumed (with the exception of baby formula)

  • ID will be required as proof of age, specifically when purchasing alcohol

  • Last tee off is 45mins before scheduled closing time

  • Management have to the right to refuse entry at any time